Winner of the XVI LSO Donatella Flick Conducting Competition (London Symphony Orchestra) and the German Conductors' Award (Deutscher Dirigentenpreis 2019)



Winner of the Donatella Flick LSO Conducting Competition and the German Conducting Award

Winner of the prestigious XVI LSO Donatella Flick Conducting Competition (London Symphony Orchestra), First Prize at the German Conductor's Award 2019, Audience Award from the Oscar and Vera Ritter-Stiftung, and the Opera Award Bonn 2019, Julio García Vico is a conductor of orchestral and operatic repertoire based in London and Düsseldorf.

From the next season he will be Assistant Conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) and will work alongside conductors including Sir Simon Rattle, Gianandrea Noseda, François-Xavier Roth, Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Barbara Hannigan, and Sir Antonio Pappano. From 2021 he is also Assistant Conductor of the Teatro Real, working with Maestro Nicola Luisotti.

As winner of the German Conductor’s Award, next season he will conduct the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, Gürzenich-Orchester Köln, Hofer Symphoniker, Münchener Symphoniker, Nürnberger Symphoniker, Oper Köln, Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz, and WDR Sinfonieorchester.

Born in Cádiz, Julio won the Santa Cecilia Odero National Prize before studying at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid where he won the Performance Prize. He went on to study a Masters in contemporary music in Munich, and he was Akademist at the International Ensemble Modern, Frankfurt. He has studied orchestral conducting in Düsseldorf with Professor Rüdiger Bohn since 2016, and is currently reading Philosophy at the National University of Distance Education (UNED). 

Since 2018 Julio has been a scholar of the German Music Council's Dirigentenforum, in 2019 he became the musical director of the Operstudio at the Krefeld and Mönchengladbach theaters. He has been invited to international festivals such as Manifeste Paris, Beijing Music Festival, Warszawska Jesien, and Gaudeamus Muziekweek. Julio is fluent in multiple languages including English, German, Italian, and Japanese.



Gewinner des LSO Donatella Flick Conducting Competition and des Deutschen Dirigentenpreises

Gewinner des rennominierten XVI LSO Donatella Flick  Dirigentenwettbewerbs (London Symphony Orchestra), des 1. Preises beim Deutschen Dirigentenpreis 2019, des Publikumspreises der Oscar- und Vera Ritter-Stiftung und des Preises der Oper Bonn 2019, Julio García Vico ist auf symphonisches und Opernrepertoire spezialisiert und lebt in London und Düsseldorf.

Ab der nächsten Saison wird er Assistent des London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) und arbeitet mit Dirigenten wie Sir Simon Rattle, Gianandrea Noseda, François-Xavier Roth, Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Barbara Hannigan, und Sir Antonio Pappano zusammen. Seit 2021 arbeitet er auch als Assistent des Teatro Real bei Maestro Nicola Luisotti.

Als Gewinner des Deutschen Dirigentenpreises dirigiert er in der nächsten Spielzeit das Beethoven-Orchester Bonn, das Gürzenich-Orchester Köln, die Hofer Symphoniker, die Münchener Symphoniker, die Nürnberger Symphoniker, die Oper Köln, die Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz und das WDR Sinfonieorchester u.a.

Julio wurde in Cádiz geboren und gewann den Santa Cecilia Odero Nationalpreis, bevor er am Königlichen Musikkonservatorium in Madrid studierte, wo er den 1. Preis der Hochschule gewann. Er reist nach München, um einen Master für zeitgenössischen Musik zu studieren, und ist Akademist beim Internationalen Ensemble Modern Frankfurt. Seit 2016 studiert er Orchesterleitung in Düsseldorf bei Prof. Rüdiger Bohn und studiert Philosophie an der Nationalen Fernuniversität UNED. Seit 2018 ist er Stipendiat des Dirigentenforums des Deutschen Musikrates und 2019 war er musikalischer Leiter des Operstudios an den Theatern Krefeld und Mönchengladbach. Er wurde zu internationalen Festivals wie Manifeste Paris, dem Beijing Music Festival, Warszawska Jesien oder Gaudeamus Muziekweek eingeladen und spricht fließend Sprachen wie Deutsch, Italienisch oder Japanisch.



Ganador del LSO Donatella Flick Conducting Competition y del Premio Alemán de Dirección

Ganador del prestigioso XVI Concurso de Dirección LSO Donatella Flick (London Symphony Orchestra), Primer Premio del Concurso de Dirección de Alemania 2019, Premio del Público de la Oscar y Vera Ritter-Stiftung y Premio de la Ópera de Bonn 2019, Julio García Vico es director de repertorio sinfónico y operístico con residencia en Londres y Düsseldorf (Alemania).

A partir de la próxima temporada será Asistente de la London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) y trabajará con directores como Sir Simon Rattle, Gianandrea Noseda, François-Xavier Roth, Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Barbara Hannigan o Sir Antonio Pappano. Desde 2021 trabaja también como asistente del Maestro Nicola Luisotti en el Teatro Real.

Como ganador del Premio Alemán de Direción, dirigirá en las próximas temporadas la Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, Gürzenich-Orchestre Köln, Hofer Symphoniker, Münchener Symphoniker, Nürnberger Symphoniker, Oper Köln, Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz, WDR Sinfonieorchester.

Nacido en Cádiz, Julio ganó el Premio Nacional Santa Cecilia Odero antes de estudiar en el Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid, donde obtuvo el 1er Premio de Interpretación. Viaja a Múnich para estudiar un Master en música contemporánea y es Akademist en la Ensemble Modern Frankfurt. Ha estado estudiando dirección orquestal en Düsseldorf con el Prof. Rüdiger Bohn desde 2016 y un grado en Filosofía en la UNED. Desde 2018 es becario del Dirigentenforum del Consejo Alemán de Música y en 2019 fue director musical del Operstudio en los teatros Krefeld y Mönchengladbach (Alemania). Ha sido invitado a festivales internacionales como Manifeste Paris, Beijing Music Festival, Warszawska Jesien o Gaudeamus Muziekweek y habla con fluidez idiomas como el alemán, italiano o japonés.


„Julio has a very contagious temperament that is transferred to the orchestra and singers. He shows a very unique body language, his plastic interpretations derive from his profound knowledge of the score. He is a talent that we are convinced that we will hear a lot from him in the future.”

Lothar Zagrosek, Conductor and President of the Jury of the German Conducting Award.



...with the London Symphony Orchestra


“Julio, Wow! What a performer! 
He was the real deal in this competition. He had such energy, the confidence to just stop conducting, to make these little gestures that actually say so much more than simply “we are going to do 1,2,3,4”. 
Julio was always in charge. He did everything without music, with this contact and direct communication. Towards the end of his rehearsal he was quite determined that time should be taken at this specific point in the piece; he is very clear about what he wants and he brings it across very effectively. 
He also has a very good fluid technique. 
He is experienced enough to be spontaneous, the gestures were different on every repetition, you just got the impression he was going with the feeling of the performance, and using the small audience that we had in order to make something out of each of those pieces"

Medici.tv ( LSO Martin Handley and Tasmin Little)



...with singers and orchestra in the Opera Festival of Weikersheim 2019



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„The absolute highlight of the evening was the Sextet of „Cosi fan tutte“, conducted by Julio Garcia Vico. Perfectly balanced vocal lines, precisely worked out orchestral parts, the magic of the opera appeared [...] with "Freitschütz" he proved that he also mastered romantic opera.”

Article: “Julio García Vico: A Star is Born” Opernmagazin Germany



with the WDR Sinfonieorchester in the Cologne Philharmonic Hall


"The Munich Symphony Orchestra reached the highest quality under the baton of Julio García Vico, who, with a refined vision for musical nuances, a stage presence and conducting with his whole body, was a true joy to watch"

D. Kassler - "Pomp und Puder" Baroque music concert



"... Not only is his pianism magnificent, but also his understanding reflects an incredible maturity."

- Joaquín Soriano about the pedagogial project of 2015,



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